Seagate-IronWolf Pro 16TB

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Seagate-IronWolf Pro 16TB-3.5″ SATA

IronWolf is Way Ahead of the Pack

Seagate understands your unique data storage challenges, and crafted the IronWolf® and IronWolf Pro 16 TB network attached storage (NAS) hard drives to help you achieve your goals.We continue to push capacity boundaries way ahead of our competition.

Manage Drive Health

IronWolf Health Management (IHM) improves overall system reliability by displaying actionable prevention, intervention, and recovery options. When IronWolf or IronWolf Pro hard drives are integrated into compatible NAS systems, the overall system reliability increases due to constant monitoring and user alerts.

Built to Maintain Performance

Multiple users can confidently upload and download data on a NAS system populated with IronWolf hard drives.

IronWolf hard drives 4 TB and higher are equipped with RV sensors to maintain performance in multi-bay NAS enclosures. IronWolf Pro drives come standard with RV sensors built in for higher bay NAS.

Additional information

Weight 0.81 kg
Hard Drive

16 TB

HDD Formfactor

3.5 ''

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